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Catharine Waugh McCulloch

  Yet another eBay alert  opened up a new branch of research this week. Catharine Waugh McCulloch  (1862 -1945) was an American lawyer, suffragist, and reformer. She actively lobbied for women's suffrage at the local, state, and national levels as a leader in the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association, Chicago Political Equality League, and National American Woman Suffrage Association. She was the first woman elected Justice of the Peace in Illinois. Catharine married Frank Hathorn McCulloch, a 3rd generation American Scot. His great, great grandfather was Hathorn McCulloch (1773-1859) who was born in Glasserton, Wigtownshire, Scotland and emigrated to America in 1802. Catharine and Frank had 4 children: Hugh Waugh, Hathorn Waugh, Catharine Waugh, and (not shown above) Frank Waugh.  If you’d like to see my research so far, click the link below: Additional reading https

Butler & McCulloch

  The Illustrated London News  (August 15, 1857) Whilst revisiting the brick wall that is Wales & McCulloch , I came across another Victorian London duo in the The Illustrated London News (August 15, 1857): BUTLER and McCULLOCH.    The Illustrated London News  (September 12, 1857) This third advert revealed an interesting detail:  Established upwards of 100 years.     The Illustrated London News  (November 14, 1857) The Times (October 3, 1866) They had a fire on 7th November 1866 with apparently little impact as mentioned below: The Times  (November 13, 1866) London City Directories described the business variously: 1875 - Butler, McCulloch & co. Seedsmen, Herbalists &C Druggists, South Row, co Vent Garden 1890 - Butler, McCulloch & co. Seedsmen. South Row, Covent Garden W C ; Warehouse, W C 1905 - Butler, McCulloch & Co. Limited, wholesale & export; offices 1910 - Butler, McCulloch & co. Limited, Herbalists & Seedsmen, Wholesale B & Export; Office

William Thomson McCulloch FSAScot

While browsing an antiquarian bookshop, I picked up a copy of  The Scottish Antiquarian Tradition: Essays to mark the bicentenary of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and its Museum, 1780-1980 by A. S. Bell.  It had a small tear to a page in about the middle of the book. When I opened the page, I immediately saw the name “William Thomson McCulloch” and the words “Keeper of the museum”. Needless to say I was intrigued enough to buy the book and started researching his line. I haven’t been able to connect him to any other branches of McCulloch research so far. The earliest ancestor I could confirm had origins of Port of Menteith in Perthshire - a long way from Wigtownshire! I didn’t find much about him online but there was a lovely tribute to him in past proceedings. If you’d like to see my research so far, click the link below:

John Herries McCulloch

Being a follower of all things McCulloch on platforms like eBay and inevitably means learning about McCulloch’s that have created something and therefore left their mark on the world. This weekend eBay sent me an alert for a book by John Herries McCullloch which prompted me to research his line. Alas I wasn’t able to connect him to any other of the branches I’ve researched so far… There’s a good bit of history about John at If you’d like to see my research so far, click the link below: