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Catharine Waugh McCulloch

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Butler & McCulloch

  The Illustrated London News  (August 15, 1857) Whilst revisiting the brick wall that is Wales & McCulloch , I came across another Victorian London duo in the The Illustrated London News (August 15, 1857): BUTLER and McCULLOCH.    The Illustrated London News  (September 12, 1857) This third advert revealed an interesting detail:  Established upwards of 100 years.     The Illustrated London News  (November 14, 1857) The Times (October 3, 1866) They had a fire on 7th November 1866 with apparently little impact as mentioned below: The Times  (November 13, 1866) London City Directories described the business variously: 1875 - Butler, McCulloch & co. Seedsmen, Herbalists &C Druggists, South Row, co Vent Garden 1890 - Butler, McCulloch & co. Seedsmen. South Row, Covent Garden W C ; Warehouse, W C 1905 - Butler, McCulloch & Co. Limited, wholesale & export; offices 1910 - Butler, McCulloch & co. Limited, Herbalists & Seedsmen, Wholesale B & Export; Office

William Thomson McCulloch FSAScot

While browsing an antiquarian bookshop, I picked up a copy of  The Scottish Antiquarian Tradition: Essays to mark the bicentenary of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and its Museum, 1780-1980 by A. S. Bell.  It had a small tear to a page in about the middle of the book. When I opened the page, I immediately saw the name “William Thomson McCulloch” and the words “Keeper of the museum”. Needless to say I was intrigued enough to buy the book and started researching his line. I haven’t been able to connect him to any other branches of McCulloch research so far. The earliest ancestor I could confirm had origins of Port of Menteith in Perthshire - a long way from Wigtownshire! I didn’t find much about him online but there was a lovely tribute to him in past proceedings. If you’d like to see my research so far, click the link below:

John Herries McCulloch

Being a follower of all things McCulloch on platforms like eBay and inevitably means learning about McCulloch’s that have created something and therefore left their mark on the world. This weekend eBay sent me an alert for a book by John Herries McCullloch which prompted me to research his line. Alas I wasn’t able to connect him to any other of the branches I’ve researched so far… There’s a good bit of history about John at If you’d like to see my research so far, click the link below:

Pvt Charles Lawson McCulloch

A number of items belonging to a Pvt Charles Lawson McCulloch have appeared at auction this week in Glasgow, Scotland. It is always very poignant to me when this happens - the personal belongings of someone appearing in a public auction, not knowing where they came from and equally where they will end up. You always hope that they will go to a good home. A collection of items pertaining to the military career of Private Charles Lawson McCulloch (3658) of the Highland Light Infantry, comprising death plaque with oak mount and accompanying framed scroll and letter (loose); 1914-15 Star; portrait photograph; inscribed bible; and another bible inscribed to a family member; together with an interesting sketch book containing drawings and inscriptions by various hands and a Victory Medal to 14191 Pte. R, McGavin S. Gds. Source:  Great Western Auctions A search of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission provided additional details including his date of death, age at death, parent's names

MacCullochs of Plaidis, Rossshire (McCulloch Motors)

This branch, known as MacCulloch of Plaidis, Rossshire, are the ancestors of the family who founded the McCulloch Motors Corporation in Wisconsin, USA.  The McCulloch Story The man behind the McCulloch brand was a true American entrepreneur. During his lifetime, he helped mechanize the whole forest industry by the introduction of the first light-weight chainsaw, made a fortune on manufacturing turbochargers for the car industry, and founded four cities. Robert McCulloch’s most unexpected move, however, might have been buying and moving the old London Bridge, brick by brick, to Lave Havasu in Arizona. Let’s take a closer look at this extraordinary man and the company he created. Early Enterprises Robert Paxton McCulloch was born on May 11, 1911, in Missouri, as the second child of three. In 1925 Robert and his siblings inherited a fortune from their late grandfather , who, among other things, had worked for Thomas Edison, implementing his power plants all over the world. After graduati

The road ahead... #stats

One of the many great things about the National Records of Scotland is that they are all online. At least "all" meaning those that have survived "hunners" of years of history, wars, weather and social change. So... here's some stats of the McCulloch parish records found online which may serve as the start of a new plan to work sequentially through them. These are "McCulloch" + name variant results:  Church of Scotland (old parish registers) - 11,352 results.  BIRTHS 5,978 birth records, the earliest being JOHNE MCCULLO son of JOHNE MCCULLO and KATHARENE INGLISHE born 26/01/1612 in Canongate [Edinburgh]. MARRIAGES 3,617 marriage records, the earliest being ELIZABETH MCCULLO and PATRIK VAWSE married on 16/01/1600 in Edinburgh. DEATHS 1,757 death records, the earliest being ROT MCCULLO son of WM MCCULLOCH died 00/08/1656 in Canongate [Edinburgh]. Roman Catholic Church - 959 results. BIRTHS 415 birth records, the earliest being CATHERINE MCCULLOCH daughte

Horatio McCulloch RSA

HORATIO MCCULLOCH RSA Horatio McCulloch RSA was a Scottish landscape painter. Horatio McCulloch was trained in the studio of the Glasgow landscape painter John Knox (1778–1845) for about one year alongside David Macnee (1806–1882) and at first earned his living as a decorative painter. He was then engaged at Cumnock, painting the ornamental lids of snuffboxes, and afterwards employed in Edinburgh by William Home Lizars, the engraver, to colour the illustrations in Prideaux John Selby's British Birds and similar works. After he moved to Edinburgh in 1825, he began painting in the tradition of Alexander Nasmyth. Working unweariedly from nature, he was greatly influenced in his early practice by the watercolours of H. V. Williams. He returned to Glasgow in 1827,and was employed on several large pictures for the decoration of a public hall in St. George's Place, and he did a little as a theatrical scene-painter. About this time by the writings of Sir Walter Scott and the expressive

William McCulloch, Maybole

Here's another "accidental" eBay purchase to share with you. Originally I assumed it was the same firm but now I'm not so sure. This William McCulloch having his firm in Maybole, South Ayrshire, Scotland. I do love it and wonder if there can be many others like it given it was probably used like a business card or advertising flyer. Any information greatly received especially if this is the same McCulloch from "Wales & McCulloch" in London. Edit: June 2023 I found more examples of this item, apparently they are "service discs" which I'm assuming would be included when you had your watch serviced.

Wales & McCulloch

I came across this clock key for sale on eBay apparently for a clock manufactured by "Wales & McCulloch". They seemed to be a London-based firm with a shop at 20 Ludgate Hill. I haven't yet managed to track down who this McCulloch was or where he came from so it's still an unsolved mystery! Any further information about Wales & McCulloch would be gratefully received. And yes.. I did buy the key :)  Edit: Aug 2021  Added a few other beautiful items found online, retailed by Wales & McCulloch: Pair of antique silver caviar trays in original box retailed by Wales & McCulloch A yellow metal Egyptian style brooch,  with scarab beetle type insert in fitted case for Wales and McCulloch A mahogany clock by Wales & McCulloch Edit: June 2023 I found a photograph of their retail premises at Ludgate Hill, dated 3rd June 1906: Looking east down Ludgate Hill towards St Paul's Cathedral. Wales & McCulloch's retail premises can be seen on the far left,